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On Accelerating Innovation

AOM Panel

Academy of Management Subject Matter Experts panel on the future of work, featuring Melissa Valentine, Jochen Megnes, and Matt Beane, discussing how can we go beyond the AI automation vs augmentation debate?

MIT Sloan Management Review

How Maker Tools Can Accelerate Ideation

Forget traditional brainstorming — tools used for rapid prototyping can speed product development when used for idea generation.

Harvard Business Review

Harvard Business Review shared how according to Prof Lifshitz-Assaf’s research on accelerating innovation, new teams under pressure should embrace a little chaos and coordinate only in a minimal and adaptive manner:

Academy of Management Insights

Academy of Management Insights selected Prof Lifshitz-Assaf’s research on accelerating innovation to offer insights for managers how to build urgently needed products in tight time frames


Prof Lifshitz Assaf research on how to accelerate innovation is described as the path to innovate under time pressure, such as experienced in the Covid pandemic.

Psychology and Technology institute on Accelerating Work and Innovation

Prof Lifshitz-Assaf leading a panel of experts tech talk on accelerating innovation and work

On COVID and accelerating innovation

Prof Lifshitz-Assaf mentors Stern MBA students to help small business devise new digital strategies to deal with the COVID crisis (The small business hackathon):

EU vs. Virus success stories panel: How can academia, business and private sectors work together?

Prof Lifshitz-Assaf shares the success story of how academics helped in the EU vs. Virus hackathon to help solve COVID related problems

Faculty Insights: Covid-19 and NYC Video Seminar Series

Prof Lifshitz-Assaf gives a talk at “NYU responds” seminar series on how the innovation process is impacted by Covid-19

MIT Sloan Review

Profs Lifshitz-Assaf, Sarah Lebovitz and Lior Zalmanson share what managers can learn from hackathon organizers on balancing employees autonomy with managerial control for the innovation process. This is particularly important when managing innovation remotely

On Open Innovation at NASA and beyond

Harvard Business Review

Harvard Business Review shares how to overcome barriers to adopting open innovation, according to Prof Lifshitz-Assaf’s research with NASA

The Wall Street Journal

Prof Hila Lifshitz-Assaf is interviewed on why and how companies offer prize money to solicit breakthrough ideas


Prof Lifshitz-Assaf presents her work on dismantling knowledge boundaries at NASA 

Dismantling knowledge Boundaries: Dr. Hila Lifshitz-Assaf’s talk at the Collective Intelligence Conference

ASQ Dissertation Award Winning Papers: Dr. Lifshitz-Assaf 

How Open Innovation Creates New Professional Identity: Dr. Hila Lifshitz-Assaf’s Key note at the Industrial Research Institution convention

Harvard Business School Doctoral Program

Prof Lifshitz-Assaf is featured in this video on the various doctoral programs Harvard business School offers

Podcasts and Radio Interviews

BBC Future Proofing Podcast

Timandra Harkness interviews Prof Lifshitz-Assaf on what are the opportunities the future holds