Research in Progress

Lifshitz-Assaf H., Ng F., Kittur A, and Kraut R.E. “Using Technology to Augment Professionals, instead of replacing them, for Innovative Problem Solving.”
Lifshitz-Assaf, H., and Szajnfarber Z. “Take it out of Context: De and Re contextualizing challenging problems to achieve cross boundary innovation”

Nagle F, and Lifshitz-Assaf H. “The impact of remote work in COVID-19 on software professionals knowledge work.”

Crosina E., Pratt M, and Lifshitz-Assaf H. “A Part or Apart from me? An Identity Construal and Coping Model of Structuring New Ventures.”

Lifshitz-Assaf H., and Nagle F. “The impact of professionals’ contributions to online knowledge communities on their workplace knowledge work.”

Min S., Lifshitz-Assaf H, and Levina N. “Contact tracing in COVID-19: the unique interplay between technologies and values”

Lifshitz-Assaf H., Randazzo S. and Jung O. “End-Starting Innovation: How to innovate new and affordable medical devices under a surfeit of constraints”